Motivational Classes-Husband and Wife And Honeymoon

A Young Girl After Her Honeymoon Came Fully Exhausted And Tired.

Her Friends Asked Her What Happened?

She Replied: “When This 70 Year Old Bastard Told Me He Has Saved A Lot From Last 50 Years, I Thought It Was Money“

Wife: Suniye Kahte Hain Jo Aadmi Accha Karm Karta Hai Woh Swarg Mein Jaata Hai,
Aur Apsarayein Unka Dyan Rakhti Hai, Phir Aurton Ke Sath Kya Hota Hai….

Husband: Kuch Nahi, Bhagwan Majloomo Ki Hee Sunta Hai

Wife (On Mobile): Where are you idiot, I am waiting for you from last two hours, We were suppose to go for a movie today?

Husband: Sweetheart, you remember that saari shop where you saw that saari and totally mad and I didn’t have much money that time to buy that one, “Darling, I will buy that saari one day for you.

Wife (Politely): Oh, I see my love!

Husband:I am at the beer shop next to that saari shop!

Wife: Go to hell, you stupid!

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