Love Heart And Friendship Breakup Quotes

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=Darling you should be scared to love me=
 “Why are you so happy today? You’re always in a bad mood on Mondays” He asked glance curiously at me.
“I don’t know, perhaps I find great comfort knowing I can make you panic with a smile.”
He shrugs, “I guess you’re right, you have me wrapped around you finger. That’s okay with me though, I don’t mind.”
I give him the smile he loves most, “What about when I break your heart, will you mind then?” 

=We could be something=
 How much do you like her?“ I ask him, mostly out of curiosity.
“I like her a lot. Honesty, she’s so wonderful.”
“That’s great. I’m happy for you.”
He shrugs,“ She’s not like you though, nobody can compare to you.”
“Well silly, I’m one of a kind. To bad, to bad I’m to cold for someone as kind as you.”

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=Months of my love=
Late December I caught your eye.
In January you had already gotten tired of me.
Early February you were back again.
By March I had completely fallen for you, believing you’d fallen for me too.
April hadn’t even arrived when you left again. I should’ve known not to trust you anymore.
But before July came rolling around you were back. I was stupid and gave everything I had to you. Everybody knew I loved you more than I should, but nobody told me you didn’t feel the same.
Early August, you said goodbye.
Nows it November and I haven’t heard from you for awhile. And I haven’t felt more empty, I let you become my happiness and now I have none.

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