Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 Programming for Industrial Applications-Basic Tutorial

Presented By IngenuityDias

The basics of the Visual Studio 2012 for Windows Desktop Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing, running and debugging your applications for different platforms.

Visual Studio’s help features
Key commands contained in the IDE’s menus and tool-bar
The purpose of the various kinds of windows in the Visual Studio 2012 for Windows Desktop IDE.How to create, compile and execute a simple Visual Basic app that displays text and an image

Introduction-Visual Studio 2012 is Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating, running and debugging applications (also called apps) written in various .NET programming languages.This Study provides an overview of the Visual Studio 2012 IDE Shows how to create a simple Visual Basic app by dragging and dropping predefined building blocks into place.A technique known as visual app development.

IDE Overview

Once Visual Studio 2012 begins execution, the Start Page displays
The Start Page contains a list of links to Visual Studio resources and web-based resources
At any time, you can return to the Start Page by selecting VIEW > Start Page

The Recent Projects section shows solutions you have been working on

The links in the Get Started tab provide information about the programming languages supported by Visual Studio and various learning resources
An Internet connection is required for the IDE to access most of this information
The IDE also has an internal web browser
Go to VIEW > Other Windows > Web Browser



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