Java Objective Multiple Answer Questions Bank

Presented By IngenuityDias

Java Objective Multiple Answer Question Bank IngenuityDias

We have chosen Java Oracle J2EE, J2SE, Net-beans, JVM ( Java Virtual Machine ) as our readers choice.We have created Objective Type Multiple Answer Question Collection that are frequent in job interviews. Our readers will find these helpful.We encourage our Readers to send in their suggestion.

If readers want to add something or explain the answers please send us mail at  mentioning Question number.If you think some answers are not suitable please lets know.We will do our best to enhance content quality on our Blog.

Java Question Bank
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1. In java, gc() method is available in which package

  1.     java.lang package
  2.     java.util package
  3.     java.awt package
  4. package

Answer: 1

2. JAR file contains the compressed version of

  1.     .java file
  2.     .class file
  3.     .jsp file
  4.     None of above

Answer: 2

3. Process of creating exact copy of the existing object is called

  1.     cloning
  2.     overloading
  3.     overriding
  4.     coping

Answer: 1

4. Which is the predefined package

  1.     Lang package
  2.     io package
  3.     util package
  4.     All of above

Answer: 1

5. Which among following classes is not part of Java's collection framework

  1.     Queue
  2.     Array
  3.     Stack
  4.     Maps

Answer: 1

6. Which command is used for interpretation of java program

  1.     Java
  2.     javac
  3.     javap
  4.     none of above

Answer: 1

7. What is meaning of jar

  1.     java archived
  2.     java array
  3.     java architecture
  4.     none of these

Answer: 1

8. Which of the following command is used to compile the Java program

  1.     java
  2.     javac
  3.     javap
  4.     none of these

Answer: 2

9. What do you mean by javap

  1.     java compiler
  2.     java Interpreter
  3.     java Disassemble
  4.     java debugger

Answer: 3

10. Hot java is

  1.     System software
  2.     Web browser
  3.     IDE
  4.     Java environment

Answer: 2


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