Anna Nicole Smith – Celebrities Jokes Collection – One-Liner Punchlines

Question: Why did Anna Nicole Smith marry 80-year old billionaire J. Howard Marshall?
Answer: Because a successful husband is one who makes more money than his wife can spend!

Question: Why should Anna Nicole Smith marry for money?
Answer: Because you can borrow it for cheaper and get bailed out if necessary!

Motivational Classes-Husband and Wife And Honeymoon

A Young Girl After Her Honeymoon Came Fully Exhausted And Tired. Her Friends Asked Her What Happened? She Replied: “When This 70 Year Old Bastard Told Me He Has Saved A Lot From Last 50 Years, I Thought It Was Money“ ————————————– Wife: Suniye Kahte Hain Jo Aadmi Accha Karm Karta Hai Woh Swarg Mein…… Continue reading Motivational Classes-Husband and Wife And Honeymoon