Mutex – Computer Science Tutorial Programing Languages (Mutex Vs Semaphores )

To address the problems associated with semaphore, a new concept was developed during the late 1980’s.The major use of the term mutex appears to have been driven through the development of the common programming specification for UNIX based systems. In 1990 this was formalized by the IEEE as standard IEEE Std 1003.1 commonly known as…… Continue reading Mutex – Computer Science Tutorial Programing Languages (Mutex Vs Semaphores )

Embedded C know How

Introduction to Embedded C Be it a digital camera or a mobile phone or a washing machine, all of them has some kind of processor functioning inside it. Associated with each processor is the embedded software. If hardware forms the body of an embedded system, embedded processor acts as the brain, and embedded software forms…… Continue reading Embedded C know How

Programming Using Embedded C

Embedded C use most of the syntax and semantics of standard C, e.g., main() function, variable definition, data type declaration, conditional statements (if, switch. case), loops (while, for), functions, arrays and strings, structures and union, bit operations, macros, etc. In addition, there are some specifics to embedded C which are mentioned below: 1. Low Level…… Continue reading Programming Using Embedded C